PepSea Project Update, Jul- Sep 2019

Welcome to our newly-redesigned PepSea Project Update – we hope you enjoy it! As ever it should give you all the major PepSea news and highlights…

It has been a busy summer period on site – we are happy to say we hosted more volunteers on site that ever before – and they have been busy!

There has been plenty of work on the Homestay Association, the COT problem plaguing Malapascua over recent months and of course the annual International Coastal Clean-Up event.

In addition to that we have seen the publication of our first major Coral Reef Monitoring Baseline Report. It’s a very proud moment for us, and it really showcases what all the survey work we (and all the volunteers that contributed) have been doing is actually for.

Success also in our continuing education programme, where our efforts have been rewarded with an official Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippine Department of Education – an amazing recognition of the work we are doing.

And for those that haven’t heard, we now have a member of the team dedicated to working alongside the local fishing communities to learn more about their activities and the pressures they face. Vangie has already been with us for 6 months, and we are looking forward to a publication that will present her findings in more detail.

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