Our Partners

At People and the Sea, we strongly believe that real progress can only be achieved through a truly collaborative effort in all that we do. Establishing and maintaining a strong network is a key component of our work. This page offers an introduction to some of the people and organisations who share our vision of empowering communities to ensure environmental and social welfare. Please take the time to visit their websites to learn more.

You have to keep alert on your marine habitat survey dives - there are many things to see!


The Sfaira Foundation - our parter and sponsor for the Get Fisherfolk Involved initiative


Incorporated in 2017, the Sfaira Foundation seeks to advance sustainable development; to influence philanthropy by taking a local, culturally-appropriate and holistic approach to development, where local communities are the leaders of their own solutions

Logo for the Foundation of the Philippine Environment


The Foundation for the Philippine Environment is a dynamic, relevant, and growing organization leading actions in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development toward healthy ecosystems and resilient communities.

DSM is a German organisation working with global partners to have a positive human impact on the sea


The Foundation for Marine Protection (DSM) works to counteract the  exploitation of the world’s oceans. In cooperation with  researchers and organisations around the world, we support projects to preserve life in the seas.

Technical Partners

Coralive logo - our artifical reef structre partner

Coralive is dedicated to the mission of protecting and restoring healthy oceans around the world. Our work includes restoring coral reef and coastal ecosystems, managing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), conducting long-term environmental monitoring, creating livelihood solutions for coastal communities, and pairing all efforts with tailored environmental education programs.

Ecocean are a French company employing bio-solutions to limit human impact on Philippines seas

Ecocean is a French company that seeks to develop innovative solutions to tackle the threats facing the worlds oceans. Among these are BioRestore® – an initiative to boost the recruitment and survivial of fish that we are now developing on Malapascua.

The Inato Homestay project is one of our most successful alternative livelihood initiatives to support marine conservation

Inatô Homestay is a social enterprise initiative set up by People and the Sea on Malapascua Island, and now operating independently as a ‘Local Peoples Association’. It provides an alternative accommodation option where travelers stay with a host family in their house, experiencing the way of life on Malapascua with the family and local community.


The Municipality of Daanbantayan is home to Malapascua Island at the heart of the Visayas region
The Malapascua Business Association is one of our key partners on the island who we work with on solid waste management
The Department of Environment & Natural Resources are the principal governemnt office for matters relating to positive human impacts on the sea
Barangay Logon or Malapascua Island is the principal volunteer expedition site of our marine conservation activities
The Philippines Department of Tourism supports our Homestay Initiative
We partner with the Philippine Department of Education to deliver our Environmental Education programme
Planet Urgence are a French charity supporting sustainable work expeditions in the Philippines
Cap sur La Terre are a French NGO promoting responsible travel around the world

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