Our Partners

We are proud to work in partnership with a network of NGO's, Government Bodies and Associations to bring about positive change.

Our Sponsors

Blue Ventures

BV is a marine conservation organisation that brings partners together in networks to advocate for reform, and share tools and best practices to support fishing communities across the globe.

Sfaira Foundation

Sfaira Foundation seeks to advance sustainable development; to influence philanthropy by taking a local, culturally-appropriate and holistic approach to development

DSM is a German organisation working with global partners to have a positive human impact on the sea

The Foundation for Marine Protection

The Foundation for Marine Protection (DSM) works to counteract the exploitation of the world’s oceans. In cooperation with researchers and organisations around the world, we support projects to preserve life in the seas.

Common vision?

Sustainable seas can't be built alone. We need dedicated, community-focused organisations to parner with.

Our Technical Partners

Coralive logo - our artifical reef structre partner

Coralive is dedicated to the mission of protecting and restoring healthy oceans around the world. Our work includes restoring coral reef and coastal ecosystems and managing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

World Vision partner with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

The Inato Homestay project is one of our most successful alternative livelihood initiatives to support marine conservation

Inatô Homestay is a social enterprise initiative set up by People and the Sea on Malapascua Island, and now operating independently as a 'Local Peoples Association'. It acts as a conduit for building strong networks within the local community built on trust and mutual co-operation.

The Small Islands Organisation (SMILO) is an NGO which assists small islandsthat wish to work towards managing their territory more sustainably. We aim to foster innovations on islands that benefit the local population and their environment.

Ecocean are a French company employing bio-solutions to limit human impact on Philippines seas

Ecocean is a French company that seeks to develop innovative solutions to tackle the threats facing the worlds oceans. Among these are BioRestore® - an initiative to boost the recruitment and survivial of fish.

Our Project Partners

Philippines Department of Tourism

Malapascua Business Association

Barangay Logon

Municipality of Daanbantayan

Philippines Department of Education

Philippines Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources


Planete Urgence

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