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“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” (Unknown.)

Bangkas moored up over one of our marine habitat survey sites in the Barrio, Logon, Philippines

The mission of People and the Sea is to promote  community driven marine conservation. Any efforts to establish a sustainable relationship with the marine environment must begin with making the people that depend on it the most a  central part of the process. The links between social welfare and mobility, basic food security, health, education and the welfare of the marine environment are hard to deny.

Meaningful, compelling conservation of coastal resources must come hand-in-hand with the engagement, and subsequent empowerment, of the local communities. Stakeholders at all levels must be motivated to understand the benefits that a healthy marine environment can bring them, and local ambassadors should be fostered who can convey the essential message – that through working together, the sea is able to provide for the needs of all of the community both now, and for future generations.

The work we have undertaken on Malapascua, and in the wider Municipality of Daanbantayan keeps this concept at its core. We have developed a wide variety of projects on Malapascua that we would like to explain in more detail to you. All of these are on-going, and while some demand more resources than others, any of them could form part of your expedition with us.

For ease, we have categorised our work into ‘Marine/Science’ related projects, or ‘Community’ related. Please take the time to browse through and learn more about our work, and what you may be involved in.

Get in otuch and let us know your ideas of how you can contribute to our expeditions

The involvement of our expedition volunteers in all of these activities is an important component of our successful work. When people join us here on Malapascua, they bring energy, ideas and enthusiasm. And we welcome this. For us it is essential. But more than that they often bring professional expertise and experience. Some of our volunteers have joined us and investigated solar power, put their GIS knowledge to good use, redesigned our teaching materials and investigated methods of making well water safe for consumption.

Maybe you have an area of expertise you feel could be put to good use? We would love to discuss how we could integrate that into your expedition.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your expedition....

Lets talk about your idea!

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