Apply here to join us in the Philippines.

The Volunteer Application Process

Great News! If you have arrived at this page then you must be thinking about joining our team in the Philippines! We are very glad to hear it.

The application process is really very simple… it just involves the simple steps outlined below. If at any stage you have any questions, we always like to talk.

Please try to give the fullest answers possible. Don’t worry if you feel you haven’t got any relevant experiences or qualifications. While these may be desirable, they are definitely not a pre-requisite! More than anything else we are looking for volunteers with energy, enthusiasm and motivation. With these, great things are possible!

How will it work?

First things first! Are you ready to apply for an expediton with People and the Sea? We hope you have taken a look at the website to get an idea of what it is all about.

Proceed with your application by filling out the form below. Please give as much information as possible – we are particluarly intersted to hear why you want to join us for an expedition and we want to be sure we are the right organisation for you!

As part of our standard application process, at this stage we will most likely ask to arrange a call with you if we haven’t spoken already. This also gives you the chance to ask any further questions you may have. This does not constitute a formal interview, but rather an informal chat where we get chance to make sure we are a good match for you.

You will receive a conditional offer from us within 2 working days. This will include a provisional quote on the expediton fees you can expect.

Your place will be confirmed upon receipt of a 10% deposit of your expedition fees. At this time, we will send you all pre-depature information to get you ready for your Filipino experience.

Look forward to the big day! We will see you soon….

Volunteer Application Form

At this time, the minimum period you can volunteer for is 4 weeks.
Please give an indication of when you would be available to join People and the Sea. Please not that we ask volunteers to join us on the first Saturday of each month.
We are keen to better understand your motivations for joining us. Maybe you just want to learn more about marine conservation! What are you expecting to gain from the experience, and what appeals to you about People and the Sea. Please give as much detail as you can.
To answer this question, please refer to this document: Langauge Matrix
To answer this question, please refer to this document: Langauge Matrix
To answer this question, please refer to this document: Langauge Matrix
This can really be anything - there are many opportunities to apply yourself while with us! Examples include photography, social media, videography, teaching, GIS, statistics to name just a few!
We offer support for students undertaking academic placements as part of their under/post graduate degrees. In this case, we would need to discuss in more detail with you the aims and objectives of your expedition and identify an appropriate on-site supervisor. This will require a more detailed discussion.
By ticking the box above, you are confirming that all the information you have provided is true. You agree to inform us should there be any changes.
You also agree that you have read and understood the People and the Sea Privacy Policy that explains what we do with your personal information (basically, we won't be giving it to anyone!)