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Why choose to volunteer with us?

We are committed to ensuring a safe, engaged and meaningful experince for all our volunteers.

An experience that stays with you.

We are aware that any decison you take regarding a volunteer experence is not an easy one – not least  as there are a lot of fantastic options out there to choose from.

Listening to the feedback from  previous volunteers, as well as  drawing from our own experience, it soon becomes clear where the focus must be placed to ensure your we can meet your expectations.

Our volunteer expeditions place the local community as the focal point. We never lose sight of that fact that all of the work we do is for their benefit – not for us, or our volunteers.

That may surprise you. But to put it simply, we have learnt that not only does this approach ensure our projects progress, but it also serves instill a sense of fulfillment in our volunteers – that they have been part of a movement that works closely with a community to deliver change.

To put it another way – as an organisation, we do not exist to provide opportunities to volunteers. We exist to build a better future for coastal communities – and we invite volunteers to join us in making this a reality.

Thank-you for visiting us.

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