• PepSea Project Updates

    We have been busy! In fact, when we do find a time to pause, and take a look back at what we have accomplished over the previous weeks, months and even years, we are both proud and grateful! None of it would have been possible without the many dedicated, positive and enthusiastic volunteers that have we have welcomed into our 'PepSea Family'!

    Intended to be produced quarterly, The PepSea Project Updates provide a summary of the past three months work. All the highlights should be there, as well as news about staff and volunteers.

    For those of you who are past volunteers with us, we hope they can bring back some happy memories for you and put a smile on your face! For those who haven't joined us on Malapascua, they will give you a good insight into the work we do.

    Our own PepSea boat allows us to conduct more frequent habitat surveys around the island of Malapascua