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So, after a really long trip (see the previous post!), have finally arrived at Cebu. Had just about enough time to have a check-in and have a shower, than I was out to make a start on the meetings organised over the next week.

Lunch was with the Regional and the Cebu coordinators for Gawad Kalinga. Spent the afternoon with them explaining how expeditions would work, and thinking of possible ways of working together in the future. There so many things we could do! They were hugely supportive of our project and its longer term aims and would be happy to help us work on community organisation and value training. Their moto: they work with everyone, as it is essential that everyone gets involved to get things to work. Seems we think in similar ways!

In short it was a hugely compelling meeting. To have the support of, and the opportunity to work with, such an inspiring organisation essentially provides a huge vote of confidence in the vision of People and the Sea.

A great day. Many Thanks to all at Gawad Kalinga.