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Long term marine resources monitoring, management and education.

Our oceans are under threat. The implications of this reach far beyond just the communities that rely so heavily upon them. It affects us all.

The need to gather detailed information about the changes that are taking place in our seas has long been understood. That information is crucial if we want to take informed management decisions at both local and national (and even international) level.

We have undertaken long term monitoring of marine resources for over 7 years – with only the interuption being enforced upon us by a global pandemic. The scope of this work, the willingness to collaborate and the methodology employed have allowed us to build up the most comprehensive picture available of local marine resources, as well as one that is readily available to all relevant stakeholders.

Crucially this permits an objective assessment of the marine environment, and informed disucussons regarding its use and management thereafter.

Key Components

Marine Habitat Surveying

The regular, systematic monitoring of survey sites around the island of Malapascua and the wider municipality has seen us establish a baseline for the health of the marine environment. This information will be crucial as we move forward towards further developing sustainable management of the marine resources.

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, we are working hard to restart all our diving activities. However, at this time our survey programme remains suspended.


Crown of Thorns Sea-Star monitoring and population control

The Crown of Thorns Sea Star is a voracious predator of coral.

When ‘outbreaks’ occur, vast areas of reef can be destroyed in an alarmingly short period of time.

People and the Sea have undertaken a montioring and control programme in partnership with the local government and commnunity to tackle the problem collectively.

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Coral Reef Restoration - Reef structure with mineral accretion technology

Changes in our environment coupled with ever increasing human impact are placing coral reefs around the globe under pressure.

In partnership with Coralive and Tepanne Beach Resort we have embarked on a pilot project, looking at the development of reef structures around the island of Malapascua that employ mineral accretion technology.

This new project will provide a unique opportunity to involve and educate sections of the local community about the health and development of their marine environment.

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Habitat Mapping

Marine habitats are undergoing a constant evolution. Never has this been more true than in the face of unprecedented human impact.

Mangroves, seagrass, coral reef – they are all critical to the overall health of the marine environment.

Habitat mapping employs technology to create detailed maps of the seabed, and the extent of its component ecosystems. This is widely recognised as key tool in marine resource management.

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