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Why the Philippines

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The Philippines is located in the 'Coral Triangle', an area of exceptional importance recognised as the global center for marine biodiversity.

Healthy seas begin on land

We are People and the Sea, a non-profit organisation supporting coastal communities in the Philippines to sustainably manage and benefit from their vital marine resources. People and the Sea aims to improve local livelihoods and protect marine biodiversity through a range of community-led initiatives focused on waste reduction, sustainable fishing, marine research, youth education and the economic resilience of coastal communities.

Our Impact

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Support Our Work

By working together, we can share in the vision of sustainable coastal communities that are able to look with towards their future with confidence. By supporting People and the Sea you can contribute to the fight for healthy and productive seas.


Given how closely we work with the local communities, you can be sure that any money you donate will be chanelled directly to where it will have the most impact.

Volunteer on site

By doing something that you love, or by setting yourself a new challenge, you can raise funds to support us in raising the profle of Filipino coastal communities.

Volunteer Remotely

Have a particular skill set that you want to contribute to our cause? We always look for talented individuals who want to donate just a small part of their time to helping us.