Solid Waste Management Practices on

Malapascua 2017

The 2017 census conducted by the Barangay health workers reported 4,867 local inhabitants and 946 households on Malapascua. The overall population of Malapascua (including western and non-local residents) is estimated to about 6,000 people. 65% of the population lives in the south of the island, with the remaining 35% living in the northern villages. There is no paved road to reach those villages. Villagers use motorbikes and boats to travel to the different areas of the island.

Solid waste management is considered a priority for all stakeholders in Malapascua. Everyone – the business sector, the tourists, the local community, the government – agrees that for tourism to thrive, and people to live in a healthy environment, the solid waste issue needs to be addressed. This report was compiled from data collected by People and the Sea between October 2015 and August 2017 and aims to share current available information and knowledge about current practices and actions being undertaken by the different stakeholders. House to house questionnaires, workshops, interviews of private sector owners, barangay representatives, municipal representatives, and provincial representatives were used.

This report is not an exhaustive review of all aspects of Solid Waste Management in Malapascua but is willing to provide detailed information to support the sharing of best practices and decision-making by relevant governmental institutions and the private sector.

People and the Sea Marine Conservation activities 2015 update

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