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Core Programme:
Environmental Education

Long-term Conservation Education building future ambassadors.

The power and importance of education is well documented.

Increasing the level of awareness for the environment as a whole through education and engagement is a proven way to encourage individuals to take action to conserve their environment.

People and the Sea employ different approaches in achieving this goal on the island of Malapascua. The Conservation Education project targets all age groups, through a variety of different methods, but mostly targets local children.

Our goal is to touch all sections of the local community, teaching them the importance of their marine environment, how they can protect it, and how to be part of sustainable solutions now and into the future.

Key Components

Grade 5 Environmental Education

The People and the Sea’s Grade 5 Conservation Education with the two Elementary Schools was set up in 2016.

The lessons are patterned from the DEPED K- 12 Science Curriculum, and is just another learning venue for the Grade 5 kids and some sort of a learning reinforcement of the schools official science lessons.

We have a Memorandum of Agreement with Department Of Education of the Municipality of Daanbantayan, formalising this partnership.

In partnership with:


Summer Eco-Camps

The summer Eco-Camp was an initiative set up in 2018. As the name would suggest, we invited up to 80 ‘Eco-Heroes’ to join us in a programme of fun, interactive and educational activities.

The main objective was to focus on environmental issues, specifically on different perspectives about the ocean and waste management solutions.

These camps provided an excellent opportunity to further highlight the environmental the challenges faced by the local community but also, crucially, to invite them to help search for and be part of the solutions.


High-School Internship

Filipino coastal communities are often characterised by their close-knit nature. In this environment, locals leaders – people who can inspire change in those around them – can have a significant impact.

Our High-School Internship seeks to identify such individuals within the local community and to then provide them with skills, knowledge and experince that will supplement thier education and give them the opportuity to grow as future leaders and ambassadors for positive change.

Environmental Movie-Nights

Fun, but with an impact.

Many of the children in the local communities find concepts surrounding the marine environment hard to grasp and are often completely unaware of the scale of the issue.

Movie nights might not provide a complete solution – but they are a media that kids will readily engage with, and that see these sensitive topics portrayed in an accesible and suitable way.

How we work - Education

Our classes with the Grade 5 students of Malapascua is the key pillar of our Conservation Education Programme. It also serves to provide an excellent example of our approach of pilot, review, scale up:

  • STEP ONE – Initial lesson. This pilot phase involved conducting just a handful of lessons with the local school test a working relationship.
  • STEP TWO – While adjustments were made, the pilot proved a success. We agreed to take a whole class for the entire academic year, that matched cirriculum requiremnents.
  • STEP THREE – Building  upon the success, the porgramme was duplicated in the second elementary school within the commuinty.
  • STEP FOUR – The programme is now in it’s 5th year, with over 500 students and an working agreement with the Municipal Depeartment of Education.

The initial trial - a handful of lessons with approximately 50 local children.


Adjustments made in reponse to team.school feedback. Agreement to cinduct class for entire academic year.


Moving into the 5th year of programme. Over 400 students involved, and working agreement signed with Department of Education.


The success leads to an expansion of the project to include the second elementary school within the community.

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