Carnaza Fish Survey, January 2017

On the 26th January 2018, we conducted a snorkeling fish survey within the Carnaza EcoPark bay, on Carnaza Island, Cebu. The survey was conducted by our Lead Science Officer, Lucy Harding, in which a 30 minute observational survey was conducted by snorkeling within the bay and recording all fish species/families observed.

The aim of this survey was to investigate the potential increase in fish biodiversity in this bay as a result of ongoing conservation efforts here, being conducted by Carnaza EcoPark. The EcoPark has protected this bay from all fishing activities for approximately 6 – 10 years. By making some basic comparisons between this location and areas outside of the bay it could be seen that the biodiversity was much higher within the bay, most likely due to these conservation efforts.

Download teh report detailing the results of afish survey in Carnaza Island, Cebu, Philippines

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