Campatoc MPA Management and Training and Planning


As part of an effort by the local government unit of Daanbantayan to capacitate the members of the proposed marine protected area (MPA) management committee in Campatoc Reef that covers three barangays: Tominjao, Bagay and Talisay of becoming a fully functional MPA. Thus, the Municipality of Daanbantayan in cooperation with communities of these barangays identified potential areas for MPA and is planning to establish an MPA Management Committee. However, technical and logistical constraints have delayed the establishment and formal declaration as scheduled.

In this aspect, a technical assistance to help out in the establishment of the MPAs towards the formal declaration has been provided. Part of this TA is the conduct of an on-site training on MPA establishment approaches, including capacity building on boundary delineation, MPA zoning, management planning and boundary marking.

Hence, the field training design and curriculum served as an introduction of principles and practices on marine protected area management. The training includes orientation on the coastal habitats and resources and the human activities and natural perturbations impacting the coastal zone, the processes and arrangements involved in establishing and managing marine protected areas, the benefits of MPAs, and facilitation skills on MPA management planning. The training will also evaluate the performance of the participants during the field exercises.

Campatoc-MPA-Training-Plan-download link

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