PepSea Crown-of-Thorns Work Summary


People and the Sea has been monitoring the coral reefs around Malapascua since the beginning of their activities on the island in early 2015. Part of that monitoring includes recording the abundance of coral predators such as COTs. Hence, People and Sea has three years of data showing the evolution of COTs on ten survey sites around Malapascua

To respond to the important outbreak occurring in the site ‘Coral Garden’, on the East side of Malapascua, People and the Sea has developed a control program over the past year and a half. We have been organizing regular free-diving removals on the impacted site since January 2018. As part of this effort we have teamed up with various local stakeholders such as the Malapascua Tour Guide’s Association, the Bantay Dagat of Malapascua, and local and foreign business and volunteers.

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