Help us continue to protect marine life and empower local communities

The children of Daanbantayan should be helped through these difficult times, to build a healthy future.


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Updated 02/07/2020 12h10 (CET)

Our fundraising target and the days we have to get there
Each donation funds one hour, one day or one week of activities lead by People and the Sea. There are 244 days which remain to be funded in 2020.

How will your donation be used?

These will be our budget priorities until the end of 2020:

  • Continue running our five Community Development Programmes
  • Implement an Emergency Relief Programme  for Malapascua’s most vulnerable families
  • Local staff salaries – we have to maintain our dedicated, professional and passionate team to make all the good work happen. They are easily PepSea’s most valuable resource. People and the Sea simply cannot continue without them.

30,000 Euros to support the 244 days of marine conservation and local community support .

Each day counts! Each donation makes a difference!

Who will benefit from your help?

That’s an easy one – the local community of Malapascua and the island’s marine life!

Our core programmes will continue to benefit:

  • The people of Malapascua (e.g. Solid Waste Management, Relief Assistance Programme)
  • Fisherfolk families (Sustainable Fisheries, Community Savings Schemes)
  • The children of Malapascua (Environmental Education)
  • Families running Homestays (Eco-entrepreneurship, Savings Schemes)
  • Lower-income families especially in need of assistance amid COVID-19
  • Marine environment (our approach means that all our programmes contribute to to the health of Malapascua’s seas)

Why do we need your help now?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has hit hard and upended all aspects of our lives – closing local businesses, preventing practically all economic activity, restricting our mobility and limiting our social interactions.

The impact of coronavirus has spread to countries across the world, and The Philippines are no exception.

From the outset, our core objective has been to work alongside, to support, and to strengthen the community of Malapascua. We have worked diligently with this as our guiding principle. These times are truly unprecedented, and so we feel our response needs to be also.

On Malapascua, all economic activity has STOPPED.

In these challenging circumstances, our community needs us now more than ever. And we need you.

Marine protection  CAN’T STOP.
Local Community Support CAN’T STOP.


So far, we’ve managed to maintain a core team on site to allow us to continue our community-support programmes.

However, due to the prevailing quarantine conditions that are in place, as well as international travel restrictions, we can no longer host volunteers on site and we are therefore deprived of our principal funding source (and all the energy and smiles!)

This is why we need YOUR HELP NOW:

  • To be able to maintain our programmes to support the community TODAY…
  • To allow us to continue support the community TOMORROW
  • Set up an emergency COVID-19 EMERGENCY RELIEF PROGRAMME for Malapascua’s lowest-income families.
Our actions benefit 5000 people each year.
Fishermen profiled & registered
Elementary school children taught
Hours of Underwater surveying
KG of waste collected (= 120KG per day!)
Total Euros earnt by Homestay Members

Long-term commitment for long-term impact

We realise that efforts to support coastal communities must be made with a long-term commitment to achieve impact and meaningful change.

The longevity of our organisation was previously secured through our eco-volunteering programme. Listening to the feedback  from our volunteers, we are confident that we have created volunteer expeditions which deliver a fulfilling, rewarding and memorable exchange, whilst providing finances, manpower and skills to People and the Sea to help us towards our objectives.

Given that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the duration of the quarantine restrictions and their broader impacts, our eco-volunteer program will take time to re-establish. We aim to resume expeditions by the end of this year, and to become fully operational again in early 2021, but in the meantime, we need your support!

Want to learn more about PepSea and the work we do?

We have to continue our work at this critical time to make progress in the future

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