My Pepsea Intro…

Heading across to Malapascua on a local bangka to start the marine conservation expedition.

I am in Malapascua as an intern for People and the Sea (also known as PepSea). PepSea is an NGO promoting marine conservation on the island while developing community-based programs. Their main objective is to reduce the negative impacts that consumption habits may have on the marine natural resources. In Philippines lots of fishermen still […]

Let the Diving Begin!

While bio-sphysical surveys of the marine habitatas of the philippnies are serious stuff, there is still time for some fun on the dives.

I got my open water certification this summer in Cabo Verde (Africa) and due to timing and a few other restrictions (cash-ola!), I was only able to complete 5 dives, of which 4 were solely for training purposes. So imagine my excitement when I realized I would be able to earn my Advanced Open Water […]

Salon de Plongée, Paris Dive Show 2015

People and the Sea have just returned from the Paris Dive Show. Despite the tragic recent events in Paris, it was a great event and provided us with some memorable and productive meetings. Possibly the most interesting was our meeting with Longitude 181 and its founder, François Sarano. The ethic of Longitude 181 is one […]