• Our Reports and Publications

    In this section you will find a selection of the People and the Sea work. This includes not only reports and scientific papers produced by our team on site, but also research papers written by under/post graduate candidates, who were hosted by the People and the Sea Team to facilitate and supervise the conduct of their academic theses.

    All papers/articles found here have PDF links for download.

    End of a days diving, volunteers return to collate the research data from their dives

Quantifying threats to reef-building corals in the Visayan Sea by examining the probable on-natural and anthropogenic marine stressors

A study into marine water quality and ocean pollution based in the Philippines

ABSTRACT Coral reefs are large marine ecosystems, ecologically viable for more than 25% of marine species and habitats. Scleractinian are of the most important. These are reef-builders characterised by their ‘hard’ structural exterior of polyp colonies – marine invertebrates on their skeleton thriving off of calcium carbonate stored in oceans…


Coral Reef Monitoring Report

Coral Reef Monitoring Report 2018 download icon

ABSTRACT This report summarises the findings of data collected from January to December 2018, as well as historical data collected since 2016 through the reef monitoring activities carried out by People and the Sea in the Municipality of Daanbantayan, Province of Cebu, Philippines. The collected data include benthic cover, hard…


PepSea Crown-of-Thorns Work Summary

Download icon for PepSea Crown of Thorns work summary

INTRODUCTION People and the Sea has been monitoring the coral reefs around Malapascua since the beginning of their activities on the island in early 2015. Part of that monitoring includes recording the abundance of coral predators such as COTs. Hence, People and Sea has three years of data showing the…


Carnaza Fish Survey, January 2017

Reoprt into fish survey carried out in Carnaza, Philippines.

On the 26th January 2018, we conducted a snorkeling fish survey within the Carnaza EcoPark bay, on Carnaza Island, Cebu. The survey was conducted by our Lead Science Officer, Lucy Harding, in which a 30 minute observational survey was conducted by snorkeling within the bay and recording all fish species/families…