People and the Sea on ‘WeDemain’ news website

People and the Sea on the WeDemain website

Original Article can be found HERE. (Only available in French)   De Nouvelle-Zélande au Bhoutan, du Pacifique à l’Himalaya, le Wānanga Trek est un reportage solidaire mené par Anne-Sophie, étudiante en sciences politiques de 21 ans. Chaque mois, elle raconte ses aventures à We Demain. “Notre objectif est de soutenir les communautés, commerces et autres […]

People and the Sea on ABS-CBN News Report

Interview about the Belle Rose grounding

The recent grounding of the Panamanian vessel, the Belle Rose, was big news on the island of Malapascua. The ship ran aground on the nearby dive site of Monad Shoal, famous worldwide for the regular encounters with thresher sharks it offers. Needless to say there was immediate concern as to exactly what impact the event […]

Malapascua takes measures to save marine environment

International coastal cleanup day 2016 on Malapascua

It was a great weekend for Malapascua, as some government agencies and concerned environmental organizations came together in the name of environmental protection and marine resources conservation. Around 300 participants gathered for the coastal cleanup and beach forest planting along the shores of Malapascua last June 11. Over 700 seedlings were planted all over the […]