Community empowerment for positive change

This is the next installment of a blog written by our Site Manager, Daff, where he reflects on the value and impact of community level engagament initiatives in the Philippines. The first part of this blog can be found here: The society’s strength is determined by its people. As most of us are aware […]

Philippines Field Visit Update

Gawad Kalinga support People and the Sea

So, after a really long trip (see the previous post!), have finally arrived at Cebu. Had just about enough time to have a check-in and have a shower, than I was out to make a start on the meetings organised over the next week. Lunch was with the Regional and the Cebu coordinators for Gawad […]

Salon de Plongée, Paris Dive Show 2015

People and the Sea have just returned from the Paris Dive Show. Despite the tragic recent events in Paris, it was a great event and provided us with some memorable and productive meetings. Possibly the most interesting was our meeting with Longitude 181 and its founder, François Sarano. The ethic of Longitude 181 is one […]

Meeting Tony Meloto of ‘Gawad Kalinga’

Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga

Spent an amazing day at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm! Built around a GK village, the farm is the showcase of many projects: ⁃ re-establishing use of the land with plantations, animal farm, etc ⁃ An  ‘incubator’ to support social entrepreneurs who are providing employment for the families of the village ⁃ An undergraduate school […]

Day one in the Philippines, meeting with Sikat.

Early start for our survey dives sees the Barrio Bay at its quietest

Today I had a meeting with Chito Dugan from Sikat Philippines. Sikat is a ‘non-profit organisation established in 1991 which aims to enhance coastal community resiliency by implementing community-based Coastal Resource Management (CRM) and Disaster Risk Reduction Programs (DRR), and promoting good governance practices.’ It was a very interesting and productive meeting. Chito was exceptionally […]