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    Marine conservation, 'voluntourism', scientific research, coral reef decline, the Philippines - they are all subjects that frequently find themselves the subject of mainstream media articles. And so are many other topics that relate to our work at People and the Sea.

    We feel that such articles are significant, most notable for the information they disseminate, and the awareness raising influence they carry. On this page we have posted or provided links to relevant news articles that prove informative reads.

    Please browse through and enjoy.

    A boatman pushing the traditional bangka into the beach

Tourism Workshop

Its been a busy week! But just like to say Thank-You to all those involved in the Tourism Workshop held last weekend in Nice. Was a great weekend, with enthusiastic people and great ideas. Provided a valuable opportunity to share our project with others within the travel industry…


What CAN we do?

the hummingbird tale, a lesson in the benefites of collaborative community projects

Social and environmental entrepreneurship is not a always an easy path. Every day I meet at least one person commenting on my efforts with this “what’s the point?” attitude. No matter how enthusiastic I am, no matter what solutions I offer, no matter how successful the examples I show them,…


Meeting Tony Meloto of ‘Gawad Kalinga’

Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga

Spent an amazing day at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm! Built around a GK village, the farm is the showcase of many projects: ⁃ re-establishing use of the land with plantations, animal farm, etc ⁃ An  ‘incubator’ to support social entrepreneurs who are providing employment for the families of the…