Campatoc Reef Biophysical Assessment


The activities detailed within this report are the result of the collaborative effort of a number of parties. The Municipality of Daanbantayan and their delegated representatives and/or consultants provided the necessary guidance and co-ordination and have worked in partnership with People and the Sea in the mapping and survey efforts. People and the Sea is a locally based marine conservation organisation whose primary objective is to support the sustainable management of the municipal waters of Daanbantayan.

BlueNomads.Org Inc. is a diving social company, focused on Diving 2.0 expeditions and collaborating in non-profit science & preservation initiatives, based in Cebu city operating in the Visayas Seas.

Representatives of the relevant local government offices (BFAR, MENRO, MAO), as well as local barangay officials of Bagay, Tominjao and Talisay were involved in all steps of the survey to provide their advice and input. Members of the local Fisherman’s Associations
were also present to provide their local knowledge to the process, and to ensure their engagement in it.

Campatoc-Marine-Resource-Assessment-download link

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