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Empowering the people, to protect the sea.

Building sustainable futures for coastal communities

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Working Together

Working alongside local communities, placing them at the heart of decision making, is what brings about lasting, meaningful change.

Working Holistically

Problems can not be treated in isolation. Real progress can only be achieved with an understanding of the complexity of social and environmental challenges.

Working Methodically.

Change is a progression - it doesn't happen in a instant. If we want to accurately assess our actions, we must rely on well documented, pragmatic work practices.

Our Impact

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Our Partners

Above all else, it is all about the people we work with. We are proud to work alongside others that share our vision of sustainable, healthy seas that are shared by all.

Support Our Work

By working together, we can share in the vision of sustainable coastal communities that are able to look with towards their future with confidence. By supporting People and the Sea you can contribute to the fight for healthy and productive seas.


Given how closely we work with the local communities, you can be sure that any money you donate will be chanelled directly to where it will have the most impact.


By doing something that you love, or by setting yourself a new challenge, you can raise funds to support us in raising the profle of Filipino coastal communities.


Have a paricular skill set that you want to contribute to our cause? We are always looking for talented individuals who want to donate just a small part of their time to helping us.

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