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Philippines Travel Advice…

For my second reconnaissance trip to the Philippines, I decided to test the transfer via Singapore after discovering that Cebu Pacific and Tiger Air have direct flights Singapore – Cebu.

I’ll kill the suspense: there are certain advantages, but it’s still (very) long! 2 Direct flights Cebu Pacific are at 0:20 ET 2:40, that of Tiger Airways at 11am (not every day). This implies either a night in Singapore (nice if you can meet friends) or many hours at the airport (flights from Europe arrive in the late afternoon).

Namely: Cebu Pacific requires all passengers (even without checked baggage) passes through the check in. So if you are out of the staging area, you should expect the opening of check in to re-enter. Waiting patiently sitting on the ground near electrical outlets with a very temperamental internet (it smells the experience ..!)

Ah yes, a board for passengers to the digital age: print all your tickets, transfers, hotels, etc. Because if you do not get to have the internet or your phone breaks down, you stay stuck. In particular, we need to show a ticket out of the Philippines to be able to go there …

Total races: 29h travel and a good Tom Yam. Transit a little more comfort but long (almost 12, I had to think of something else when I took the ticket!).

Next time, I try Hong Kong.

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