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    At People and the Sea, we aim to share all of our data, findings and related reports for the widest possible audience. In doing so, we hope to provide transparency to our work, as well as accumulating a database of information on which to build.

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    End of a days diving, volunteers return to collate the research data from their dives

People and the Sea – Progress Update (2015 Activities)

The latter half of 2015 has seen the implementation in the field of a project that had been researched for over 2 years. In a little over four months, People and the Sea has created a sound platform from which to fulfil the objectives that had been set (see Executive Summary).

In considering what we have achieved to date, we should mention the reception we have received from the people of Malapascua themselves. It has been positive and encouraging and has left us feeling assured that our presence is valued, and that our approach is welcome. We have made it a priority to be open and honest about our intentions, and most importantly, to always involve the people of Malapascua.

The report available through the link below provides a summary of our achievements to date. For clarity and ease of reference it has been broken down into distinct categories.

People and the Sea Marine Conservation activities 2015 update


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