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Victoria joined th team to work on womens empowerment in the local community

We soon learned that Vicki had spent time in the past documenting her adventures in a blog. Here she continues to do exactly that, writing about her time as part of the People and the Sea team and as a local of Malapascua. Read and Enjoy!  We really hope it gives you an insight in to life on the island, the work of People and the Sea, volunteering with us, and much more….

First blog post image, the Pepsea logo

Hello… my name is Vicki, and I’ve recently joined the People and the Sea team in Malapascua.  For the time being, I’ll be blogging my perspectives…

The second blog post is all to do with dive training

I got my open water certification this summer in Cabo Verde (Africa) and due to timing and a few other restrictions (cash-ola), I was only able…

The mangrove planting programme helps the community of malapasuca be more resilient in the future

Before I headed out to Malapascua, I went on an Everglades tour with two of my friends. I’m a Floridian but have never spent any time in….

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