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    Marine conservation, 'voluntourism', scientific research, coral reef decline, the Philippines - they are all subjects that frequently find themselves the subject of mainstream media articles. And so are many other topics that relate to our work at People and the Sea.

    We feel that such articles are significant, most notable for the information they disseminate, and the awareness raising influence they carry. On this page we have posted or provided links to relevant news articles that prove informative reads.

    Please browse through and enjoy.

    A boatman pushing the traditional bangka into the beach

Government, private sector vow to combat illegal fishing

Public/private partnership approach to marine conservation in the Philippines

Original Article can be found HERE VARIOUS stakeholders in Tañon Strait vowed to strengthen collaboration to combat illegal fishing and protect one of the country’s important fishing grounds in the Visayas. The Tañon Strait is an important fishing ground down south. About 288,000 small-scale fishers rely on the bounty of…

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Protection of our oceans must go hand-in-hand with the fight against climate change

Marine conservation in th eisland nation of Palau, an exmaple to follow

This article titled “Coral Triangle could be last bastion for planet’s beleaguered reefs” was written by Johnny Langenheim, for theguardian.com on Tuesday 15th December 2015 12.06 UTC Island nations have been among the first to recognize that our ocean is in trouble. Fish populations are diminishing, while sea levels are…

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DENR pressed to develop a marine conservation program ASAP

Newspaper article about marine conservation in the philippines

The Senate climate change committee has pressed the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to develop a major marine conservation program, particularly on coral restoration since only five percent of corals in the country are still in ideal condition. Sen. Loren Legarda, committee chairman, said the program, like the…

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Marine Protected Areas identified for Region 7

Newspaper article about marine conservation in the philippines

Cebu City – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Central Visayas (DENR-7) has recently completed assessment of another 2,428 hectares of identified marine protected areas (MPAs) in Central Visayas, comprising 81 percent of 3,000 hectares targeted for identification this year. In managing coastal and marine resources, DENR has…

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Throwing a Lifeline for the High Seas….

Newspaper article about taking action for the worlds oceans

Original Article can be found HERE Recently at the United Nations in New York, countries laid the ground work for a major shift in how we manage our relationship with the ocean. It’s an important moment that comes at a critical hour for conservation. After almost a decade of dialogue,…

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Coral Triangle could be last bastion for planet’s beleaguered reefs

Guardian article about the worlds coral reefs

Major reef system in south-east Asia could be unusually resilient to climate change, Catlin Seaview Survey suggests

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Business and conservationists unite to protect oceans from climate change

Buisnesses and conservationists working together for the oceans

It’s World Oceans Day and in the central Philippines and Chile, new business models are protecting the marine ecosystem and the communties that depend on it

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In defence of ‘voluntourists’

Guradian article defending volunteer tourism

Ignore the cynics, charity schemes do great work and can benefit both the volunteers and the communities they serve

Debate: Beware the ‘voluntourists’ doing good

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Typhoon Haiyan: the city of Tacloban one year on – interactive

Guardian article about Typhoon Haiyan one year later

A year after Tacloban was torn apart by typhoon Haiyan, Getty photographer Chris McGrath returns to the devastating scenes he photographed 12 months ago.

Click on the image from the aftermath of the typhoon to reveal the scene today

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