Let the Diving Begin!

While bio-sphysical surveys of the marine habitatas of the philippnies are serious stuff, there is still time for some fun on the dives.

I got my open water certification this summer in Cabo Verde (Africa) and due to timing and a few other restrictions (cash-ola!), I was only able to complete 5 dives, of which 4 were solely for training purposes. So imagine my excitement when I realized I would be able to…

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Malapascua for the Time Being

[:en]The local boats in the Philippines are called bangkas. We sue one to conduct the marine habitat surveys.[:]

My name is Vicki, and I’ve recently joined the People and the Sea team in Malapascua.  For the time being, I’ll be blogging my perspectives as a newby to both the island and the team.  As I recently read, “A time being is someone who lives in time, and that…

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