Coral reef decline: The need for protection

Coral reefs are among the most productive and diverse ecosystems on Earth (Connell, 1978), They are critically important in supporting a vast biological diversity and genetic library for future generations (Moberg & Folke 1999). They provide goods, services and livelihoods for a vast number of people: seafood products, raw materials…

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In defence of ‘voluntourists’

Guradian article defending volunteer tourism

Ignore the cynics, charity schemes do great work and can benefit both the volunteers and the communities they serve

Debate: Beware the ‘voluntourists’ doing good

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Benefits of Volunteer Based Research

Volunteer based research projects have seen a huge increase in numbers over the past three decades.  Moreover, it would seem that this growth is set to continue with new projects becoming available on a regular basis (Wearing 2001, Ellis 2003, Brown & Lehto 2005). These projects have been shown to…

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Typhoon Haiyan: the city of Tacloban one year on – interactive

Guardian article about Typhoon Haiyan one year later

A year after Tacloban was torn apart by typhoon Haiyan, Getty photographer Chris McGrath returns to the devastating scenes he photographed 12 months ago.

Click on the image from the aftermath of the typhoon to reveal the scene today

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